About Us

Statement from CEO Edgard Sargi

I Live in Las Vegas. We all like swimming pools here in Vegas as it gets extremely hot in the summer. I have a story to tell.

I put Mosaic tile in my pool that I have enjoyed for 7 years, only thing I do; is once a year I drain the pool and wire brush (or you could use a hand sander with a 180 or less sandpaper) and then put the water back.

My neighbor whose pool was built with concrete has to drain his pool and fix all the cracks once a year. He has spent over $10,000 to fix his pool over the past several years. What I would like to suggest to you is that you consider using mosaic natural stone veneer for your pool. The mosaic stone has a life time (of the pool) warranty (transferable once) and by sanding or brushing with a steel brush the grout will last much (much) longer.

I became an entrepreneur to fabricate natural stone to be a thin veneer. I am passionate about the product and its broad appeal and  proud to see our products used locally and all over the United States.I started the business of manufacturing real natural stone veneer about 14 years ago. I was a general contractor before starting this business.

I realized that Indonesia would be a great resource for a variety of natural stone.  First hand, I observed how Indonesians work with stone.  Upon my return to the U. S. my thoughts centered on launching a business to produce split-faced stone products. Today, we have our factory in Indonesia and our showroom  in Las Vegas along with our inventory. We market our products to regions throughout the U.S.

We offer interior and exterior products for both residential and commercial design. We provide the highest quality of natural stone veneer.

Why Choose Us

Established in 2001, Natural Stone Veneer by ImExWare manufactures the finest quality natural thin stone veneer in a large variety of finishes and colors. Our showroom and warehouse are located in Las Vegas, Nevada and we ship nationwide. Our veneer can be used for Commercial, residential, interior or exterior applications, on floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, fireplaces, even your pool – our product offers flexibility in architectural and decoration applications.

We offer 8 different finishes in stock and 16 available colors providing endless possibilities for your projects. You can even mix and match colors and finishes for a look that’s all your own. We also provide custom designs. The only limit is your imagination! Our natural stone veneer products are defined by their durability, high density and overall quality which allows you to achieve superior project results. Our products are independently tested and certified to meet the highest quality architectural specifications. And unlike synthetic stone, our products are virtually maintenance free!

What we do ?

We manufacture real natural stone, and fabricate it to be thin veneer for commercial building, landscape, park, public facilities, and for residential exteriors, interiors, home improvement, pools, and more.

We offer 10 different finishes of our thin stone veneer, along with 18 different colors. Since our stone is natural, we cannot guarantee exact colors of nature’s art, please allow for variations in the colors (up to 40%).

Five of our finishes (split face, ledge stone, tuscan ashlar, stacked stone and biscotti) are limited to vertical surfaces. However, our bush hammer, mosaic, and polished/honed finishes can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Some Facts of Natural Stone Veneer

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