With its full and diversified range of products and services, Natural Stone Veneer ranks first among American Natural Stone Manufacturers in terms of quality service, unique product colors, exclusive finishes and Client-Business relationship.


Who We Are

Edgard Sargi, founder and CEO of Natural Stone Veneer.
Indonesian artisans and their family in Surabaya.

Natural Stone Veneer is a trailblazing company for manufacturing natural stone to be thin veneer, applicable to all vertical and horizontal surfaces.


As a General Contractor, Edgard Sargi has always found passion in helping people get the most of there living space and achieve their vision through his knowledge and creative, innovative spirit.


Founded in 2001, Natural Stone Veneer started as an idea to connect Indonesian Artisans and their families to the United States and fulfill the need of natural stone in the U.S. market.


By empowering the skills of the humble Indonesian people and investing in their knowledge of the natural hometown resource, we where able to achieve our goal by producing a one of a kind of Natural Stone Veneer, known for its diversified colors and finishes.


Our factory is based in Surabaya, Indonesia where we are breaking the cycle of extreme poverty through creating sustainable jobs for the current and the future generation. Now they are able to earn a stable, healthy income through dignified work, while staying close to their friends and families.


In addition to the factory our office is based in Las Vegas, Nevada where you can get in touch with the natural stone by visiting us at our showroom and have the chance to get a free tour in our endless inventory or you can sit back, relax and let us ship the product to you. Your location is not a limit, we ship nationwide.

Why Choose Natural Stone Veneer

When it comes to choosing tiles and cladding, it’s hard to match the beauty and timelessness of natural stone.


Natural stone has a history which has been in the making over many millions of years and embedded deep in the earth’s crust is the Dolomitic Limestone. At Natural Stone Veneer we cut and shape the stone into a range of natural stone tiles and natural stone claddings that can transform your living or work space.


As a natural element quarried in the tropical area of Surabaya, the Indonesian Dolomitic Limestone is known for its durability, high density, high resistance to water and to acidic content of rain and soil. Our products are tested and certified to meet the highest quality of architectural specifications. For more technical information Click here to view the stone specifications.


Last but not least, unlike synthetic stone, our products are virtually maintenance free.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It

Whether it’s to achieve the sophistication of a well-designed exterior facade; the unique appeal of stone covered interior fireplaces; the iconic look of paved pools; or the range of applications offered by our formatted products such as our Ledge stone, Mosaic tiles, Split Face, Stacked Stone and many others,  Natural Stone Veneer has a natural solution for your commercial or residential project.


We supply Architects, Contractors and Home Owners with 16 different finishes and 16 unique colors that you can mix and match to make your own design with half a million square feet available in stock, where you can grab what you need on the go. Moreover, if all that is not enough, and the designer wants his own signature finish, we can manufacture any customized design and fabricate any conceptual special order.

Some Facts of Natural Stone Veneer

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